2021-Get in here and ACT RIGHT!!!

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED FOR A NEW YEAR AND A REVAMP OF THE CLASS!! What I did differently this year was added EVERYTHING TO ONE CLASS!!! Whew honey, we are going to be some learning professionals THIS YEAR!!! Anyone who has taking a class with me knows that I tell you everything you need to know and I answer questions until you have successfully submitted your first claim. Yes the price did change, BUT WAIT!!! This is now an all day class-The morning class will teach you what you need to get started and the pm class goes through how to put what you've learned into practice. After receiving messages about other classes and the lack of information, I knew I didn't want to be just another Insurance Billing instructor so I am coming with all the info you need!! I am looking forward to training more people this year and even if you don't register, I APPRECIATE YOUR INQUIRIES!!! But I will tell you this secret-You'll be back!! You don't have to register for 5 classes, you won't get bits and pieces and I guarantee that you will learn so much, you will tell a friend to tell a friend!! SEE YOU SOON!!!

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