The White Jacket.....

Do you have to wear a WHITE JACKET? All medical professionals, who provide a hands on service, distinguish themselves from others with a lab coat or scrubs. It lets people know that you take your job seriously. It also prevents bacteria, any bodily fluid or chemical substance from getting on your clothes. If you are strictly going to provide DME services such as retailing wigs and other items, you don't necessarily need to wear one. As just a retailer, i don't wear one all the time but I look super cute in it!! And it lets my clients know that I am a professional and I am ready to provide exceptional service. Oh, I forgot to mention-From now on, professionals taking this course will receive a jacket. We decided not to put your name or title on it because we want you to figure out what title fits you best. Are you a Cranial Prosthetic Consultant? A Prosthetic Consultant? A Beauty Consultant? A DME Provider? Maybe a Health and Wellness Practitioner? Or a Hair Loss Specialist? We don't want to box you in so that's up to you to answer, based on the services you provide to your clients. Have you registered for an upcoming class? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?? LET'S GET OUT HERE AND HELP THE COMMUNITY!!!!

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