What Are You Looking For In The Advanced Classes You Invest In

My name is Chauna Payne and I am Cranial Prosthetic Consultant. What is that you ask? Well I assist with Men, Women and Children with Cranial ad Facial Prosthetics. "Wigs" is the most common name but when dealing with insurance companies, what terms are you using? When stepping over into the medical field, you have to make sure your terminology lines up with what you are doing. That was a mistake that cost me in the beginning. Not only me, but my clients. Insurance Billing For The Beauty Professionals covers EVERYTHING you need to know to make claim submission error free. In this class, we start at the top of the insurance claim and go to the bottom, covering everything in between. I give you a certificate at the end but call your state licensing dept. Do they recognize hair loss specialists? Do you have to submit your certificate? The answers to both, I guarantee, is NO. I have proven results, from not only my company but others as well. Stop looking at all these perks and gifts you receive and see if you can actually leave that class with all the knowledge you need to assist your community. Ask Bold Hold Adhesives management where their Insurance Billing Instructor got her information....

Take the time to really research who you are giving your money to to learn how to effectively and efficiently process insurance claims. Ask for proof and ask questions, listen to how they answer. You can tell if someone knows their industry by the terms they use and the information they share.

Blessed To Be A Blessing

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